Hi! I'm Zac,

a Boston based software engineer focusing on web development.

If you want to read the fine print check my resume or linkedin

A few things I've done

Penguin Rush - penguin inspired typing game made in Lua on the LOVE 2d framework

Divvy up - Go console app for making fair teams; an approximation solution for a NP-complete problem

cesium-bower - Bower package for CesiumJS

svelte-workbench - Yomean generator for configuring a workspace for developing Svelte components

While not behind a computer screen

keep up with me on instagram and twitter

You can catch me at the Cambridge Classic 5k and Cambridge 5k series races

or if there is snow the ground skiing at Killington, Suicied 6 or Sunday River

If you'd like to challenge me to a game of chess I'm on chess.com